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In this information-intensive economy, 具有先进软件技能的支持专业人员受到各行各业雇主的高度追捧.


    • Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and Access to organize and manipulate information are in particularly high demand.
    • Micorsoft PowerPoint to create dynamic presentations.
    • QuickBooks支持会计,工资,发票,报告等.

Program Details

Program Details (pdf)

The Office Software Specialist 阿诺卡技术学院的证书课程让学生能够使用先进的软件技能在几乎任何行业找到工作. 为能够有效使用Microsoft Word功能的专业人员提供支持, Excel, PowerPoint, 和Access——并知道这些软件程序如何集成以简化和执行更高效的业务应用程序——更有生产力,并有助于办公室的组织和生产力.

在招聘办公支持专业人员的广告中,微软办公软件技能是三大工作要求之一(微软办公软件专家生产力研究), Certiport, 2012).

Upon graduation, 学生将通过完成微软办公软件Word的高级课程,为该职位的就业做好准备, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Coursework in QuickBooks, 用于商业簿记应用程序的领先软件, 是否包括为学生准备应收帐款簿记相关职位, accounts payable, 保险或其他会计相关的支持职位.

  1. Exhibits effective interpersonal skills and professional attitudes by demonstrating the ability to communicate with authority figures and peers; follow work rules and expectations appropriately; maintain confidentiality; and recognize an appropriate business appearance.
  2. 通过展示定义问题的能力,展示批判性思维技能的使用,以分析和解决业务问题, find relevant information, synthesize and evaluate information, and implement decisions.
  3. 熟练掌握键盘输入的速度和准确性,了解正确的文档格式.
  4. Demonstrate technical competency by utilizing a wide range of software applications necessary for business office operations; demonstrates initiative in learning to use new technology, 并在办公环境中准确应用新技术.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of roles and functions of various professionals; collaborate and problem-solve as part of the office team.
  6. Demonstrate ability to set priorities, organize work, and sequence tasks appropriately, and consistently complete projects on a schedule.
  7. 具备在包括会计在内的商业应用中进行必要的数学计算的能力, by working with percentages; decimals and fractions; understanding accounting principles as they are applied to business office bookkeeping; and using formulas for creating spreadsheets and databases.
  8. 通过确定客户服务组织的特点,开发和评估客户服务技能,并使用客户服务技能专业地为客户服务.

In this information-intensive economy, 具有先进软件技能的支持专业人员受到各行各业雇主的高度追捧. Most job applicants have some familiarity with Microsoft Word; however, individuals who can carry out mail merges, format documents expertly, 以及执行其他复杂的功能将会脱颖而出. Business is data-driven, 以及掌握集成微软Outlook的专业人士, Word, Excel, and Access to organize and manipulate information are in particularly high demand. 具备用PowerPoint为老板和同事制作动态演示文稿的能力是必不可少的. QuickBooks用于企业会计,工资,发票,报告等. 如果你想找一份簿记管理方面的工作, QuickBooks的工作知识绝对是一种资产.

Wage information is available from the Minnesota Department of Education and the 明尼苏达州就业和经济发展部.

Program Sequence 

Fall Semester 14
ADSC 1003  Introduction to Keyboarding and Speedbuilding 2
 ADSC 1054  Office Bookkeeping 4
 ADSC 1162  Microsoft PowerPoint 2
 ADSC 1197  Microsoft Word 4
 COMP 1002  Computer Technologies for Communication 2
Spring Semester 11
ADSC 1142  Integrated Software Applications
 ADSC 1171  Microsoft Excel
 ADSC 1181  Microsoft Access
 INTS 1000  Critical Thinking Application for College (Goal 2) 3

学生可以选择在职学习. 在职学生比按照官方课程指南列出的全日制顺序完成课程的学生要花更长的时间. 因为可能不是每学期都开设每门课程, 对于兼职学生来说,向他们的指导老师寻求帮助是很重要的,可以帮助他们制定长期的学习计划, part-time course sequence.

如果你需要我帮你选第一学期的课程, 联系你的指导老师或招生服务.

PDF Part-time Options

Office Communications Specialist

Administrative Office Specialist
AAS degree, diploma

Legal Office Specialist
AAS degree, diploma, certificate

Supervisory Management
AAS degree


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